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Do You Want To Get Your Relationship Back on Track
You can stop the downhill momentum that can often lead to the end.
You will need to take action.


Personal & Relationship Guidance

As an expert dealing with personal and relationship problems, our work is to see clients with issues ranging from low self-esteem to marital or partnership disagreements.

We have over 25 years combined professional experience in this area.

All consultations are strictly confidential and carried out by experts, on a one-to-one basis.

Every individual enquiry receives a response within 24 hours

Here Is How We Can Help:


  • We offer confidential, online and telephone consultations which are bookable in advance. There is also a 24 hour response online consultation facility by email if you need immediate help.


  • You need a new empowering relationship mindset, communication, conflict resolution and other relationship enriching and nurturing skills, a method for changing your stuck dynamics and patterns that gets your needs met consistently, mechanisms for synchronizing, connecting, increasing intimacy, re/discovering and revitalizing your passion, and having fun together, systems and structures for smoothly and effortlessly collaborating on the business of life, and inspiration and guidance on co creating a meaningful life and legacy.